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The Function and Composition of Stainless Steel Pipe Supports

Stainless steel pipe supports are also known as pipe clamps, pipe brackets, pipe clamps, and pipe clamps. Mainly used for pipeline support and fixing of pipes. Stainless steel 304 has properties such as rust prevention, acid resistance, and alkali resistance.
Stainless steel pipe supports are used in various industrial pipelines such as chemical, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries.
The stainless steel pipe bracket mainly consists of two semicircular stainless steel sheets, two bolts, a washer (usually red), and a supporting steel pipe. There are two types of steel pipe connection methods: threaded connection or welding. The width of the semicircle of the pipe support: 25MM for small specifications and 28MM for large specifications. The thickness of the semi-circular steel plate is 1.5MM. The height and size specifications of the steel pipes used for support at the bottom of the semicircle are all 45MM. The pipe supports produced by our company are square, circular, and elliptical. There are two options available: with or without a support tube. The outer diameter of the pipe ranges from 12MM to 325MM. Non standard pipe supports can also be manufactured and processed according to customer requirements.
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