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Briefly describe the structural principle of the sewage pump base

The sewage pump base includes a pump groove bottom plate and a bottom plate. Above the bottom plate is a mounting seat, which is connected to the mounting seat through a bracket. The upper surface of the pump groove bottom plate is equipped with a pump installation groove, and the lower surface of the pump groove bottom plate is connected to the foot plate through a foot rod. The outer surface of the foot rod is equipped with a pulley, and the inner wall of the mounting seat is equipped with a slide rail, which corresponds to the foot rod one by one. This utility model adopts a combined structure, which is convenient for on-site assembly. When the pump slot bottom plate is combined with the installation seat, the height of the sewage pump can be adjusted according to needs to avoid damage caused by suction of mud and dirt. Multiple spaced shock absorbers are installed inside the installation seat, which effectively play a shock-absorbing role during the operation of the sewage pump. The shock absorbers are rigid spring components, with good shock-absorbing effects. The brackets are installed on the four sides of the installation seat, Divide the force of the installation seat equally into four equal parts for more stable support.
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