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Working principle of water pump base

The water pump base is a specialized base used to support and hold the suction pump. The suction pump is the core of the suction machine, and the function of the pump base is to support and fix the pump casing, usually cast together with the pump casing. The centrifugal pump seat has flange holes for fixing to the base plate or foundation. The top of the pump casing is equipped with screw holes for filling water and discharging air, which are used to fill water and discharge air from the pump casing before starting the water pump. There are screw holes for installing vacuum and pressure gauges on the suction and pressure cone pipes of the water pump, and there are drainage screw holes at the bottom of the pump casing for emptying the accumulated water in the pump casing during the shutdown and maintenance of the water pump. In addition, there is a drainage screw hole at the bottom of the transverse groove of the pump casing. If it is not used temporarily, threaded plugs (also known as blind bolts) can be used.
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